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Advanced deduplication capabilities

Backed-up data naturally contains many pieces of duplicated information, as the backup process creates multiple copies of the same data at different points in time. Therefore, a technology that can identify duplicate elements of information can significantly reduce the storage volume necessary to maintain backups.


Deduplication is a technology for preventing data duplication. In effect, it is a key element associated with reducing the volume of information stored on backup servers and passing through the network. This technology makes it possible to condense the stored information and maximally exploit backup storage volumes.

The deduplication process begins with identifying duplicated data before it is sent for backup (client-side deduplication). It continues with identifying repeated pieces of information on the backup server itself (server-side deduplication).

ETERNAL’s deduplication capabilities are the best on the market, combining deduplication at both the source (client server) and target (backup server) systems, without the need for dedicated hardware or servers. It is designed to: help organizations reduce the amount of data sent to backup; reduce the volume required to store backups; reduce management complexity; reduce infrastructure load; recover information quickly; and lower licensing costs with the reduction in the data volume.

  • ETERNAL is based on one of the most robust databases on the market today (currently DB2 10.5 Enterprise). This database makes extensive data reduction capabilities possible.
  • The deduplication technology can be used in combination with compression.
  • ETERNAL can carry out variable block size deduplication, in which the deduplication technology can examine blocks of differing sizes for optimal identification of duplicated data.
  • Index management does not exist for ETERNAL; as long as the backup is saved, the indexes are saved with it.