ETERNAL Backup and Restore –

A winning combination of technology, user experience, and service –

ETERNAL is a market leading backup solution, based on the Spectrum Protect technology (formerly known as TSM) from IBM. It allows backing up enterprise information systems, both to disk and to tapes.

Eternal Backup and RestoreETERNAL is a backup and recovery solution designed with an understanding of the needs of our Israeli customers, addressing the common difficulties (both technical and service-oriented) they encounter regarding data backup and recovery.

The Challenge

While data volumes are growing exponentially and regulatory requirements are becoming stricter, enterprise infrastructure managers are required to be able to restore data to any point in time – quickly and reliably.

The challenge is to choose the right backup and restore solution. It has to serve your IT needs not only today, but also in the long term, along with providing high quality and low cost.

The ETERNAL Vision

Our vision is to provide small- and medium-size customers an attractive backup solution that incorporates the technological advantages offered by backup software designed for larger enterprises. We also bring high-end and enterprise solutions to customers that, due to their size, have not hitherto been exposed to these products. And all of this with an emphasis on quality service.


System advantages and capabilities

The ETERNAL Solution A data protection solution, aimed mainly at small- and medium-size organizations; based on the leading data protection technology in the market Uses the proven progressive incremental forever backup methodology, eliminating the need for long, exhausting and recurring full backups Protection for both physical servers and virtual environments Hardware-agnostic solution, allowing storage of...

Technological advantage

ETERNAL’s technological core is based on the IBM Spectrum Protect technology (formerly known as Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM), which has been long defined as a market leader according to industry analysts (Gartner, IDC, etc.). As the technology has primarily been deployed for large organizations, it incorporates advanced capabilities that streamline the enterprise data backup...

The most effortless customer experience

Simple management, user-friendly interface ETERNAL was developed with an emphasis on ease of use. This is reflected in an intuitive management interface for the backup server – the Operation Center. From the Operation Center, the backup administrator can easily view the status of his organization’s backups at any given moment. In addition, he can configure...

Committed to customer satisfaction with 24/7 premium support

Eshnav Information Systems provides 24/7 support, including call-backs (in Hebrew) in less than four hours for any service call. A team of Eshnav experts accompanies the client throughout the process of planning a solution, its implementation and product training, as well as providing support in case of malfunction. The support team is certified by IBM...

ETERNAL in the field

The transition to ETERNAL is inherently simple: Designing the solution – Hardware requirements are determined using a tool called IBM Blueprints. Installing the solution – The ETERNAL server is installed and configured using a special script, usually within three hours. The reporting server is provided as OVF and is installed in a few minutes. Older...


Licensing is determined according to the managed volume of data in terabytes; i.e., the capacity of the backup target media on the primary site after deduplication and compression reductions. Replication tapes, DR sites, and more are at no additional cost. The license covers the following software: TSM Extended Edition – including deduplication, node replication, NDMP....