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Licensing is determined according to the managed volume of data in terabytes; i.e., the capacity of the backup target media on the primary site after deduplication and compression reductions. Replication tapes, DR sites, and more are at no additional cost.

The license covers the following software:

  • TSM Extended Edition – including deduplication, node replication, NDMP.
  • TSM for Virtual Environments
  • TSM for SAN (LAN-free backup)
  • TSM for Databases
  • TSM for Mail Servers
  • TSM for ERP
  • TSM for Space Management (HSM for UNIX/Linux)

The system includes the Servergraph (Management Console) product, providing easy management of heterogeneous environments and advanced data analysis and forecasting capabilities.

The system also includes an enhanced SLA, including (Hebrew-language) telephone support within two hours of a service call.

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