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ETERNAL’s technological core is based on the IBM Spectrum Protect technology (formerly known as Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM), which has been long defined as a market leader according to industry analysts (Gartner, IDC, etc.).


As the technology has primarily been deployed for large organizations, it incorporates advanced capabilities that streamline the enterprise data backup and recovery process to the greatest possible extent:

  • Incremental forever – rapid backup and restore
  • Deep integration for enterprise-wide virtual infrastructure backups
  • Deduplication, backup to disk and tapes
  • Storage integration to perform hardware-based snapshots
  • Support for a broad range of operating systems and applications for the backup of physical servers
  • Replication for disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA) between remote locations

TSM relies on IBM’s DB2 database technology. DB2 makes managing vast amounts of information possible, while maintaining short response times and requiring minimal infrastructure. DB2 and a single backup server make all the advanced Spectrum Protect capabilities possible.

Incremental forever – no more full backups

Restoring to a point-in-time with a single quick operation One challenge IBM’s engineers were able to pinpoint a long time ago as a growing problem of the backup process is the transfer of all an organization’s information through a backup server to the backup media. It takes a long time, ...

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Broad integration for enterprise-wide virtual infrastructure backup

Today, most enterprise infrastructures are virtual. Common virtualization platforms on the market are VMWare’s vSphere and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. ETERNAL technology enables broad integration for effective backup of these infrastructures and interesting recovery capabilities. Block-level incremental forever – While non-virtual environments support file-level resolution for backups, in virtual environments the resolution ...

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Snapshot-based backup for storage systems

A database or a copy of the data can be backed up through the creation of a snapshot of a consistent group of volumes. TSM uses Tivoli Flash Copy Manager (FCM) to initiate and manage automated application-consistent Snapshot backups. FCM puts the application in a backup mode and uses the ...

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Advanced deduplication capabilities

Backed-up data naturally contains many pieces of duplicated information, as the backup process creates multiple copies of the same data at different points in time. Therefore, a technology that can identify duplicate elements of information can significantly reduce the storage volume necessary to maintain backups. Deduplication is a technology for ...

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Replication for DR and HA backup solutions

Organizations need to maintain maximum data availability and the capability to recover their data even when their primary site is unavailable for any reason. Understanding this, leading backup solutions provide various technologies for data redundancy. In addition, some organizations are required by regulators to generate a third copy of their ...

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Cloud ready

ETERNAL leverages extensive integration capabilities for cloud-oriented infrastructure backups. With maximum flexibility, the solution can be implemented in a variety of ways: An on-premises data protection server with hybrid storage destinations – both in the cloud and on-site. Cloud storage integration utilizing REST APIs, allowing a choice of Amazon S3, ...

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