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Rational AppScan Web Application Security

Eshnav Web Application Security – IBM Products, Our Expertise

תמונה 3Eshnav Web Application Security Solution based on IBM Rational AppScan, Source Edition, AppScan Source Edition integrates security testing into the software development life cycle while helping security and development teams strengthen application security, protect confidential data and improve compliance.
Catch the security flaw in the day it is coded!

Now we offer:
A complete web application security solution, for the ground to the roof.
Provides monitoring, alerts and reports on the security flaws and vulnerabilities of your code.
Includes the Source Edition, which scans the code itself as it is coded.

Basic Package Includes:

  •  1 AppScan Standard Edition Floating User License.
  •  1 AppScan Source Edition for Standard Core.
  •  2 AppScan Source Edition for Security Floating User License.
  •  1 AppScan Reporting Console Server License and 5 AppScan Reporting Console Floating User License
  •  250 Hours of our experts team for design, implementation, fine-tuning, training and support

Act Now! For customers of a competitor’s solution, we offer special trade-up route! Financing rates starting at $3,333 per month for 48 mos., subject to IBM Global Financing approval.