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Replication for DR and HA backup solutions

Organizations need to maintain maximum data availability and the capability to recover their data even when their primary site is unavailable for any reason. Understanding this, leading backup solutions provide various technologies for data redundancy. In addition, some organizations are required by regulators to generate a third copy of their data in a backup site for handling an extreme case in which their two data centers are unavailable.

Replication for DR and HA backup solutions
Replication for DR and HA backup solutions

To ensure an organization’s ability to return to production quickly, without losing corporate information, a disaster recovery (DR) system is needed to track the flow of information and replicate backed-up data to a secure remote site. Thus, the information preserved on the DR site is a current image of backed-up corporate data. In the event the organization’s primary backup server is unavailable, the data can be restored automatically and immediately from the secondary backup server.

  • ETERNAL has full or selective replication capabilities, for the transfer of backed-up data to a DR site.
  • The replication uses deduplication capabilities to prevent duplicate copies of data on the network.
  • If the primary backup server is unavailable, restore from the DR server is performed completely automatically.
  • ETERNAL has many advantages over other solutions, in its use of replication among TSM servers:
    • Replication to different types of media
    • Replication among all the sites is based on a global deduplication database
    • Replication to more than two servers (many-to-one)
    • Replication in both directions simultaneously
      Automatic recovery from the DR server
    • Different retention and recovery policies at different sites (dissimilar policies)
    • Prepared to operate the customer’s environment from the DR site