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Eshnav Optimization Solution– IBM Products, Our Expertise

WebSphere ILOG CPLEXEshnav Optimization solution based on IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio Developer Edition provides top-of-the line optimization solution in an integrated, cost effective package; it can be rapidly deployed and requires less IT skills.

Now we offer:

  • Improved developer productivity.
  • Simpler “low-end” app environments.
  • Platform fidelity between “low-end” and “high-end” CPLEX environments.
  • Improved operational control.
  • Constant improvements in end user satisfaction.
  • Lowered costs of application environments. Basic Package Includes:
  • IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio Developer Edition, 1 License
  • Lenovo Workstation, 6 core 16GB RAM each.
  • 100 Hours of our experts team for design, implementation, fine-tuning and support.
  • Extra 10 Hours of yearly support from our Technical Experts.

CPLEX Optimization Studio – IDE/CP Optimizer

  • Displays for reviewing & debugging scheduling solutions and models
  • Resource and activities Gantt chart views
  • Graphical views for cumulative and state functions
  • Gantt chart views of scheduling solutions of CP and properly formulated MIP